What is Google Sheets and How Does It Work for Teachers?

What is Google Sheets and how does it work for teachers? That’s a term searched by many a teacher looking to dip their toes into the waters of free online spreadsheet creation tools. So if you’re here, you’ve found your way to the right place as we’re going to make everything clear so you can […]

How to Build a School Culture that Supports Data-Driven Planning

How do you build a school culture that ensures your student data is safe as well as use that data to inform planning for instruction? Tech & Learning spoke with Andrea Tejedor, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction & Technology at the ‎Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery Central School District in New York, about how district leaders have […]

How to Integrate Student Data Privacy Protection into District Data Governance Plans

In a presentation on student data privacy for Tech & Learning’s recent virtual leadership summit, Ivy Nelson, education technology manager for Belton (MO) School District #124, shared that of the free apps her district was using, only one-third were FERPA and COPPA compliant. This places the district at risk for violations of federal and state […]

Best Digital Icebreakers

One of the biggest challenges facing teachers as they head back to school in the ‘new normal’ of remote learning environments is trying to get to know their new students. These digital icebreakers–websites, apps, and online resources (in alphabetical order)–offer various fun activities for bringing together teachers and their new students. 30hands – A wonderful […]

Using Data to Prepare for Back to School

The sudden shift to distance learning was difficult for everyone. What’s clear is that educators need data and flexibility for teaching anywhere, through any challenge. In this Tech & Learning Remote Learning webinar, Dr. Kecia Ray talked with thought leaders about how they use data in planning for the year ahead, including to deliver personalized […]

M. Driller Drill Land Review

À la fin des années 90 et au début des années 90, un petit homme du nom de M. Driller s’est frayé un chemin dans le cœur des fans de jeux de puzzle du monde entier. Les années qui ont suivi ont vu plusieurs sorties de M. Driller sur plusieurs plates-formes, mais après un certain […]

Finding & Funding the Best Tools for Any Learning Environment

  How can you prepare for the next school year when there are so many unknowns? In this Tech & Learning Lunch ‘n Learn webinar, Dr. Kecia Ray talked with school district leaders and industry thought leaders about how they plan to build an infrastructure that supports face-to-face, blended, and online learning, including finding and […]

Summer Learning: A Dry Run for Fall Back-to-School Planning

Fall means planning for the unplannable for schools. One Wichita, TX district decided to test those uncharted waters while offering a safe and educational option for summer learning. “In March, we did what we could to bring 14,000 students online,” says Dr. Peter E. Griffiths, Associate Superintendent Wichita Falls ISD. “Systems were in place but […]

Social Emotional Supports for Children and Educators in K-12 Schools

Why SEL? And when. True integration isn’t about focusing on SEL 15 minutes and then moving to 45 minutes of Academic focus, it’s more about unpacking a character’s motivations and inner dialogue during a reading lesson, for example. Work that comes out of CASEL helps us think about best practices and intentionality in bringing SEL […]