Designer Spotlight: Randy Butterfield

In the world of playing cards, there are many well-known brands and publishers. But there’s also a number of well-known designers, many of whom have published their playing cards with multiple playing card manufacturers and under different labels. Arguably one of the most prolific is Randy Butterfield. So let’s find out more about Randy and […]

Interview with Card Manipulator & Magician Jeff McBride

Who is Jeff McBride? Chances are you are reading this article because you already have some interest in playing cards. So maybe you’ve already heard of the name Jeff McBride. If you have, you’ll already be familiar with his credentials, so you’ll be itching to get straight the good stuff and read what he’s got to […]

Interview with PlayingCardDecks Shipping Manager Beverly

Who is Beverly? In April 2020, PlayingCardDecks celebrated its third anniversary. That’s quite an achievement, and over the course of three full years of business, this online retailer that specializes in custom playing cards has grown enormously. They have an inventory of literally tens of thousands of decks of playing cards at any given moment. […]

Novels About Playing Cards: Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll In a previous article we shared some of our favourite playing cards that depict novels. But how about novels that depict playing cards? Already for centuries playing cards have embedded themselves into our lives and culture, and crawled their way into language, paintings, and music. But what about literature? It’s […]

Novels About Playing Cards: The Solitaire Mystery

The Solitaire Mystery by Jostein Gaarder Playing cards have occupied an important role in our culture for hundreds of years. Their significance is in the first place connected to their primary use as as tool for playing card games, which is the primary factor that popularized them rapidly and led to their spread throughout Europe in […]

Playing Cards About Novels

With literally thousands of different decks on the market, and more arriving all the time, the good news is that there’s a huge range of subjects of interests to choose from. So you might decide to collect decks that are about animals. Or playing cards that depict countries and cultures. Or you might focus on […]

The Magician’s Oath

What is the Magician’s Oath? You don’t have to know much about magic to be aware that that there is a long tradition around maintaining secrecy, in order to preserve the secrets of magic. There is even an ancient “Magician’s Oath”, which is a kind of magician’s code that practitioners of magic are expected to […]

7 More Top Marked Decks

Coded System Marked Decks Marked decks are a very special tool, because they contain a variety of secrets that helps magicians perform amazing tricks that would never otherwise be possible. You do not need to learn any complex moves that take a long time to master, because you can use the markings on the card […]

The Legend of the Dead Man’s Hand

Playing cards have been part of our culture for hundreds of years, so we can expect some great stories surrounding them. One of the most famous stories of all is the legendary tale of the Dead Man’s Hand. Gamblers are a rather superstitious lot, and we’ve all heard people talk about lucky dice and lucky […]

The Famous J.G. Cotta Transformation Decks

Historical Importance There’s an incredible variety of custom playing cards in today’s market. But of all the playing cards that I’ve seen over the years, there is one type of deck that remains a personal favourite: the transformation deck. The concept of these playing cards is simple to understand: the pips on the cards are cleverly […]